Main Fields

These are my main fields of expertise and activity. It’s not an exhaustive list, so feel free to ask me about other fields.

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Medical Devices

Manuals, research, and internal documents for Sysmex, Aloka, Hitachi High-Technologies, Olympus, Becton Dickinson Japan, Kyowa Medex, and other medical equipment brands.

Advanced Rechargeable Batteries

Annual and monthly reports on rechargeable battery markets and technology for the Nomura Research Institute, the Institute of Information Technology, and B3 Corp, continuously since 1996. Other than batteries, topics covered include portable devices, hybrid/electric/fuel cell vehicles and power train policy, Smart Grid systems, energy storage, and chemical engineering.


Procedure validations, quality control rules, development reports, audits, and other documents, mainly for Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical and the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

Automotive Technology and Marketing

Research papers and abstracts for Honda Giken.

Translation and copywriting of advertising copy and website content for Nissan, Honda, Hino and others.

Technical and market reports in fields such as Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and green vehicles (hybrid, electric, natural gas).

Service and user manuals for many brands of cars, cranes and trucks.

Automotive software, control systems,  and related equipment for JASPAR and others.


Development specifications, guidelines and other documentation for automotive control and network systems (JASPAR, Vector), medical device software, CAD software (CADEWA etc.), games, electronic devices, and other fields.

International development

ODA projects by JICA (including the former JBIC and OECF) and other aid, research and development agencies.

PPP project reports and proposals, particularly on Vietnam, China and India, for consultants and developers.

Environmental impact assessments.

Architecture and Green Buildings

Book and magazine translation and editing on the buildings and ideas of Nikken Sekkei.

Documentation for the CASBEE environmental assessment system.

Green/smart cities for Hitachi and others.

Architecture magazines for Kenchiku Gahou.

Civil Engineering and Construction

Design and construction proposals for public and commercial buildings, roads, bridges, hospitals, etc.

Academic papers and patents on construction methods.

Cladding systems (YKK AP).

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR and other IR materials for Aeon Group, Sony, Canon, Hitachi, Jusco, Pioneer, Mitsui Chemicals, and other major brands.

International Trade

Import/export market reports and guides for JETRO, MIPRO and other agencies.

Import marketing campaigns for foreign trade ministries and associations.