My Words Express What You Need to Say

I’ve been a freelancer, translating Japanese to English, since 1992. That’s a lot of words and experience, but that’s not what’s important. My key advantage is the one I started out with: I’m fussy about words and I care about getting the right one, every time.

If you have a document that you’re prepared to pay to have translated, you or your company probably took a lot of time and care to get it right. You’ve invested in the quality of your own words, so now you need someone to take care of those words and convey them into a successful translation. That’s what I do.


The key fields on the Translation Services page are those where I have the most experience and the highest potential to contribute outstanding Japanese to English Translation.

I’m looking for long-term partnerships with a few new clients, preferably focusing on my key fields. As a  MemoQ user, I hope to work with agencies that love MemoQ as much as I do.

Large, long-term projects are particularly welcome, as are critically important assignments that just have to be done right.

My Qualifications

I graduated from Leeds University in 1989, with an MEng in Architectural Engineering, a four-year course which included an exchange year at Penn State University. Once in Japan, I studied Japanese intensively and passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (grade 1) in 1992.

In my career, I have translated roughly 15 million words.

Resume/ CV

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